Camila Suarez

Dog: Sally

Salon Assistant

Nathan brings years of experience working in the pet food industry. He is particularly knowledgeable about shampoo and product ingredients. Nathan specializes in double and curly coated bath dogs. 

Savannah has been grooming for over 2 years. Her soothing calm demeanor makes her the perfect choice for your puppy's first groom! She enjoys trying new styles on her standard poodle puppy Keanu.

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Salon Assistant

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Dog: Ginger

Johnnie Cambridge

Co-Owner/ Head Groomer/ Salon Manager

Dogs: Claire & Chelsea

As a second-generation groomer, Macie has been immersed in the dog world her whole life. She has been grooming professionally since 2010. Macie started competing in 2014 and quickly rose to the top, becoming one of the youngest competitors in open division. In 2016 she was nominated for the Barkleigh Honors Up and Coming Groomer of the Year Award. She will continue to travel and compete nationally until she achieves her dream of making Groom Team USA.

Eli Musik

Dog: Leia

Nathan Sommers

Corina stumbled into the dog grooming industry by chance, but has brought new eyes and fresh ideas. She opened the Laundromutt in 2013 with a dirty dog and a dream. She believes that your dog should always be in the most educated hands, and in the cleanest and calmest environment possible. Corina is a college biology instructor and is currently working on her Masters degree in Biotechnology. She also teaches seminars on customer service and self-service grooming salons with Macie.

​Molly has been with the Laundromutt since 2015. She enjoys making strong connections with her clients and their pets. She is a grooming academy graduate and has been grooming for over 8 years. 

Dogs: Ash & Blaze

Dogs: Luna & Loki

Daycare Attendant

​Molly Armbruster

Dogs: Penelope & Harper

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Salon Assistant

Nationally Certified Master Groomer

Macie Pisa

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Jessica Lake

Owner / Self Service Manager

Savannah Saia

Dog: Kami

Carly Cassidy


Salon Assistant

Dog: Karma

Salon Assistant

Dogs: Vlad & Snap

Dog: Twila


Corina Stammworthy

Meredith Cole

Jessy has always said grooming is her passion. She is particularly gifted at grooming older and special needs dogs, and her golden retriever trims are second to none!