Do I need an appointment?

Every dog is different but typically to maintain short healthy nails we recommend they be trimmed every 4 weeks. To get your dogs nails shorter, we recommend once a week to every 2 weeks. We also recommend nail filing as it smooths rough edges and gets nails just a bit shorter.

We require rabies as per state law but we do recommend you follow your veterinarian's vaccination schedule to protect your pet.

As long as you are using appropriate shampoos and your dog has no pre-existing medical conditions you can wash your dog as often as every week! 


Just your dog! We provide everything you'll need: shampoo, towels, shammies, and dryer. You might want to wear old clothes--there's a chance you'll get wet!


How often can my dog be washed?

We do require a manditory flea bath for any dog that comes in with 3 or more fleas. In these cases an addtional $25+ will be added to the total cost of the groom. We do recommend you treat your home and vehicle to prevent any further flea issues. You should apply topical flea preventative 3 days before or after grooming.

What do I need to bring?

How often should my dog get his/her nails done?

How often should my dog get a haircut?

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend your dog be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain clean and healthy ears, nails, skin, and coat. 

What happens if my dog has fleas?

No, you can come in for self-service any time we are open.

What does grooming cost?

What vaccinations do you require?

Our grooming menu includes a base price. Since every dog is different, we will sometimes need to adjust the price for factors such as your dogs coat, breed, age, behavior and frequency of appointments.  We will always give you a price before you leave your pet with us, so there are no surprises! If we encounter anything during the groom that would require an additional cost, we will call you immediately for your permission.