Tick removal and flea baths are available. Please notify us when you make your appointment so we may adjust our schedule to allow us to give your pet our full attention.

Hand scissoring can only be perfected through years of practice and dedication. It requires the ability to see your pet's beauty and bring it out with a simple tool--a pair of scissors. Our groomers pride themselves on a smooth finish guaranteed to grow out smoothly.

Nail filing is always available as an add on or walk in service

Handstripping is a grooming style designed to maintain a terrier or sporting dog's natural coat texture and color. It is a technique few groomers still do as it is time consuming and requires years of training. To schedule an appointment or a consultation please call us!

Specialty Services

We treat every dog as if they were our own and to us that means we want them in the most well educated hands. Our salon manager is the only Certified Master Groomer in Buffalo and one of the few in all of WNY. She is also a top ranked groomer across the United States and Canada. She frequently travels and competes in grooming competitions and takes seminars to continue her education. 

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​Full Service Grooming 


Deshedding is typically an add on service at most shops but we believe no dog should ever go home without being thoroughly combed out so it is included in our double coat package!

Handstripping and Carding 

Hand Scissoring